Hey, I’m an independent game programmer from Rosario, Argentina. I graphics technologies, rendering and game engines. I'm crazy about software architecture and clean code.

Have a look at my portfolio. If you need help with an upcoming project, consider hiring me.


Sweet Meat

Multiplatform mobile free-to-play endless runner game integrated with Twitter. Users can use tweets to play God by sending threats and changing gameplay rules to all active players in real-time using tweets. The game was featured by Google and nominated for Best Latin American Game in the BIG Festival.

Circus Heroes

Multiplatform mobile tower defense game with cards. The game has tons of levels that take place in multiple worlds. It includes cinematics, in-app purchases, ads, interactive objects and power ups.

Sweet Meat Rush

Relaunch of Sweet Meat. The game now has unique missions per character, a fillable diorama, special unlockable characters, new power ups and local notifications. Performance was improved heavily and every element in the game was tweaked and improved.

TEDx Talk

An Italian plumber tries to save the princess kidnapped by a turtle all by himself… In videogames, the impossible takes place and it even makes sense. In real life, achieving our goals is harder and in order to do it, we need other people, to work alongside them and grow together.

Pro Chicos

Educational video game for elementary school students in Uruguay. The app is pre-installed in the students’ tablets and each child creates a profile linked to their class. There are three games with social and physical health tips. The kids earn points by playing, updating their height and weight, and answering questions from the three virtual friends in the in-game chat. Parents, doctors and teachers are able to track the kids’ activities and progress.


Game with second screen in the YouTube Masthead. Users synced and used their phones to kick penalties and free kicks, watching the results in real-time on the YouTube landing page.

Max Steel

Runner video game in a promotional website for a movie. The players controlled Max Steel avoiding and dashing through obstacles, trying to catch the villain of the movie. In just a few days, almost 10,000 registered users spent more than 4 minutes on average playing the game.


Mobile and web IO game with dragons. The game works similarly to Hole.io but in order to eat resources and other players, you deal damage by breathing fire. The game comes with unlockable skins, two game modes, resources AI, level system, resources respawning and ads. There’s also a WebGL version with random skins.


Game with second screen in the YouTube Masthead. Users synced and used their phones to throw Halloween costumes to the Fanta characters and helped them get ready for the party. They were able to watch the results in real-time on the YouTube landing page.


Video game on a promotional website for a movie. Players chose between the two protagonists of the movie, dressed them and help them sing the songs from the movie using the arrow keys or the touch controls.


HTML5 browser game for a cosmetic brand in which users managed the bee’s route to the flowers, picking up power-ups, avoiding collisions and optimizing the collecting times. Players received daily rewards, gained experience, competed with other users in leaderboards and received benefits on the store page of the brand.

Inbit Me

Company dedicated to the creation of digital and interactive invitations for weddings, parties and other events. Each invitation is unique with a personalized design, animations and illustrations.

Trivias and minigames

Various small apps and games (like trivia, raffles, wheel of fortune and matching games) for Royal Canin, Santander (bank), Telecom Personal (mobile carrier) among other smaller companies.


Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine written in C# for Unity. The main purpose of the project is to allow the creation, deployment and update of behavior without the need of recompiling the source code or rebuilding the app. The behaviors are written in a custom-made visual scripting language.

Not yet publicly available.


Real-time render engine written in Kotlin using OpenGL. The main purpose of the project is to learn OpenGL (and possibly other APIs) and various rendering technologies and techniques.

Not yet publicly available.